Table Creation

When you create a DynamoDB table, it can take quite a while (especially if you add a few secondary index’s). Instead of polling describe_table yourself, boto3 came up with “waiters” that will do all the polling for you. The following snippet shows how to wait for a DynamoDB table to be created in an async way.

# Boto should get credentials from ~/.aws/credentials or the environment
import uuid
import asyncio

from aiobotocore.session import get_session

async def go():
    session = get_session()
    async with session.create_client('dynamodb', region_name='us-west-2') as client:
        # Create random table name
        table_name = f'aiobotocore-{uuid.uuid4()}'

        print('Requesting table creation...')
        await client.create_table(
                    'AttributeName': 'testKey',
                    'AttributeType': 'S'
                    'AttributeName': 'testKey',
                    'KeyType': 'HASH'
                'ReadCapacityUnits': 10,
                'WriteCapacityUnits': 10

        print("Waiting for table to be created...")
        waiter = client.get_waiter('table_exists')
        await waiter.wait(TableName=table_name)
        print(f"Table {table_name} created")

if __name__ == '__main__':